Meg & Alanna

One of the guests asked if I’d ever photographed a gay or lesbian wedding before? The simple answer to that was “no”.

But in that moment, what I quickly realised was that I don’t actually photograph particular types of weddings.

I photograph people’s love stories.

These stories are as unique as the couples themselves. What makes photographing weddings beautiful, is that it’s not about the she and he, she and she or they… it’s a day of pure, uninterrupted love.

Meg and Alanna are just that, a bubble of “uninterrupted love”. They even got ready in the same place because they couldn’t imagine spending any part of this wonderful day apart. 

Their wedding day was one of the most chilled, relaxed weddings I’ve ever photographed. This created an instant invite to be chilled and happy together. 

We even took the wife & wife photos just a short stroll from the home, discovering some amazing mangroves (sorry about the muddy shoes ladies), before the sun got away.

The happiness that resonated, knocked me out of the “photographer zone” many a time, and I listened to their stories with much joy.

Meg and Alanna you are a wonderful couple, wife and wife…WIFE LIFE!

All photos are owned and copyrighted to Konrad Bazan, please respect.

One response to “Meg & Alanna”

  1. Meg and Alanna Avatar
    Meg and Alanna

    Oh Konrad. The tears are flowing in abundance. We are so beyond excited by the way you have captured our magical day. Nobody but you could have achieved such beauty. We can never repay your gift of ensuring the memories of our wedding, remain forever more!!!
    With so much love to you and Anna.
    Meg and alanna xxxxxxx