Fuji X pro 1 and my first immpressions

It was only last week I finally made my decision to purchase Fujifilm x pro1, I had been toying with the idea for a long time, in and out of the shopping cart in and out…

However when Adobe updated their support for raf files (fuji RAW files) I made my decision

There have been many bad reviews of this camera but there were more good reviews, main complain has been the cameras focus (slow)

I got the camera home and couldn’t wait to try it out, the camera came with the original firmware which had the most “slowness” problems and I thought it might be a good idea to play around with it and understand where the complaints came from

Within and hour I was already thinking of returning this camera, what a mistake! so much frustration! I couldn’t cope with it anymore and had doubts a firmware upgrade could change my mind

Wrong… the firmware upgrade made me fall in love with this camera, no, it’s not as fast as an SLR camera but I wasn’t expecting it to be, once I got more familiar with it’s use and logic Fuji had put into it I wasn’t going to take this camera back to the store

My choice of lens is fujinon xf 60mm f/2.4 r macro, and absolutely beautiful lens (even thought this is apparently the slowest of all XF lenses, in focus speed terms)

Image quality is superb, ISO performance still amazes me

Any way, I’m not really much of a reviewer especially in technical terms but here are some photos from my first date with the Fuji xpro1

Most of these where shot at night and I have to admit I had no problems focusing, could it be better? yes… but I’m still happy with the camera overall

All images where shot as jpegs on a fujifilm x pro 1 with a fujinon xf 60mm f/2.4 r macro mounted in front




All photos are owned and copyrighted to Konrad Bazan, please respect.